If You Think About The World, Commodities Are Essential For Anything That Is Used To Create The Hardware Of Our Daily Life.

We aim to contribute by supplying the commodities needed to develop, sustain and improve the growing needs of our country.

We source commodities from our supplier base and sell them to local customers and to customers in neighborhood countries as transit trade.

This means we are transporting commodities by railway, truck and/or sea, storing them, and delivering them to the time, quality and specification that our customers need.

We aim to maintain long-term commercial relationships with our customers, who value our scale, reputation and market knowledge.

The Commodities We Trade Include:


Such as grains, pulses, nuts, oil seeds, animal feeds, etc.

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Such as Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), PVC, etc.

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Working on to enlarge the commodity range by niche iron and steel products, timber, paper, fertilizer, etc.

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