MCL Trade

It was established with the mission of active trade between the Western and Eastern markets. Carrying out conventional export-import projects as well as raw material and commodity trade; we are also a company that develops Cross-Border E-commerce projects for Turkish exporters. By conventional export distribution we deliver Turkish goods to Central Asian countries such as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, to Russia and to vast & diverse China market.

On the other hand, with our expertise in SME-network, we are working on cross border e-commerce projects for Turkish goods to penetrate in our target markets.

We are operating in China, in emerging economies of Central Asian countries and in Russia in the north, with our expertise in raw material and commodity trade. In line with the needs of our country, we supply agricultural products, plastic raw materials needed in the petrochemical industry. Apart from these commodities, we also work to develop supply, import, export and marketing services for other product groups such as fertilizer, niche iron and steel products, timber, MDF, paper.

Our ongoing responsibility is to develop a mutually balanced export-import with the countries in which we operate and also to provide long-term growth and positive contribution to our customers and our country.

We are committed to operating responsibly and ethically and to contributing to socio-economic development of our country.