We are always dedicated to promoting the export of the Turkish products worldwide. We believe that Turkey offers top quality products at competitive prices and with certain trade benefits.

We work on to create export demand from customers in our target markets China, Russia and Central Asian countries through cross border e-commerce platforms and by our trading partners. We use our SME network to find the right vendors; thus, we assist importers and by sourcing the right products for their requirements we connect them with suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, trading partners, and wholesalers.

Our company is providing more than high-quality products, we are providing safe opportunities for business with Turkey.

Discover the Potential : Turkey’s Treasure to China, Russia and Central Asian Countries

Turkey has a free trade agreement with the European Union and many other countries all over the world. While being a budget-friendly country, Turkish manufacturers produce high-quality products with low production costs.

The cost of the labor force is quite feasible nevertheless, the potential of the labor force is huge. Turkish suppliers manufacture high quality and quite affordable products.

Other advantages of sourcing in Turkey also includes improved manufacturing capacity which helps for limited time frames, modern infrastructure, the best quality of goods, effectively improved customer services, tax advantages and logistic benefits.

MCL Trade Trading welcomes you to be your trade partner in Turkey.

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Our team speaking English, Chinese, Russian, Kazakh, Uzbek & Turkmen languages; is at your service to help you with the entire sourcing process from Turkey to your country; for high quality goods of reliable manufacturers and exporters of Turkey.